Student Sketchnotes & Doodles

Student Sketchnotes & Doodles

Student sketchnotes and doodles can be a very POWERFUL tool! Utilizing visual literacy leads to better comprehension, visible thinking, and more engaged students.  Use these resources to get inspired and harness the power with your students.

“When students shift their focus from interpreting presented visuals to creating their own visual representations, they have a considerably deeper learning experience.”
                  – Sunni Brown The Doodle Revolution, p.18-19

Doodle Resources ThingLink –

Explore the ThingLink for links to many examples, posts and resources on doodling in the classroom.

Some Free Digital Drawing Tools:

Analog Meets Digital:

  • Doc Scan
    • Archive or enhance your journal drawings with this app. Easily crop, adjust color, save multiple pages and save to the camera roll.

Styluses for Kids & Adults:

Add A Layer of Awesome!

enhance student sketcknotesTake those sketchnotes or doodles, and add a layer of awesome! Take that visible thinking to the next level by adding student voice, creating a book, or even a video.

  Use apps like: 
– Book Creator
– ChatterKid
– ThingLink
– SeeSaw
– iMovie
– Explain Everything
– Adobe Spark Video

Click to see a few examples from our SeeSaw Journals:

Bees Hibernate, Beavers Don’t Hibernate, Garter Snakes in a Den, Stingray’s Migrate

Happy Doodling!