#iPoets16 – Celebrate Poetry Month & Earth Day

#iPoets16 – Celebrate Poetry Month & Earth Day

Thanks for signing up for the #iPoets16 project to celebrate Poetry Month & Earth day!

Here are the links and resources you might need to participate –

  1. Include your friends and coworkers! Have them sign up HERE.
  2. Get inspired to write. Read books, take nature walks, watch videos, listen to music! Here’s a ThingLink with some of my favorites. I also have a Pinterest Board with other books and resources.
  3. Write a collaborative poem with your class that celebrates the Earth (Animals, Plants, Water, Bugs, Nature, Peace, Recycling, Conservation – the list goes on!).
  4. Open Book Creator (you can use the free version if you don’t have access to the paid one), and publish your poem on a LANDSCAPE page. Fore more ideas on ways to publish your book check out this post.
  5. Please include information about your class in one of the bottom corners.    (Class Name and Grade Level, Location, Twitter Handle – optional)Author credits for #iPoets
  6. Tweet as you create with #iPoets16
  7. Export your page as an ePub file to Google Drive or Dropbox. Tap the share icon. Tap “Export as ePub”. Tap “Open in”, then select Google Drive of Dropbox.collaborate for poetry month #iPoets16 #ipaded
  8.  Then from your Google Drive, when you click share you can click “Get a Shareable Link”. Copy that link. Get A Shareable Link
  9. Share the link with me by April 27th. This gives your class time to create the poem on Earth Day if you want, and get the final product ready. 
  10. Submit your link HERE.

Feel free to share your Book Creator page with me before the 27th. I’ll work hard to put the book together as the pages come in!

You can also check

I’ll send out the completed project as soon as possible for you to share with your students!

Thanks so much for participating and inspiring your student to become iPoets!

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