About - Meghan Zigmond - Zig Zagging

I am a first grade teacher with a Masters in Library Science. I have taught for 9 years and am excited for the 10th, all in first grade. Currently I am teaching math for our grade level and have my students self contained for all things literacy. I passionately incorporate technology into our curriculum in all subjects.

In addition to teaching I am also the Technology Facilitator for my campus. My classroom and school has  a 2:1 student to iPad ratio, and we are also a Google Apps for Education school. I set up all our student iPads and support teachers at my school, and elsewhere through, professional development sessions on creating student projects with App Smashing, as well as what I share here on Zig Zagging. Last year I also set up a student tech team called the iExplorers. We work together to support student and teacher creativity and technology integration in the classroom. Read more about them here.

My mission is to share my passion for excellence in teaching with technology while inspiring others to enhance learning, and deepen student creativity with technology. I am especially passionate about student voice and choice, creativity, collaboration, visible thinking, and sketchnotes. 

I am available for presentations and speaking engagements. Please contact me here.

At home I have a wonderful husband. We love going fishing together, and cooking for family and friends. I also love to bake! We have a snarky, sweet, beagle named Corky that loves the ocean, and even fishing with us. We also have some goofy chickens that roam our backyard and make me laugh each day.