App Smashing

App Smashing

App Smashing is the act of using multiple apps to create a project. The term was originated by Greg Kulowiec.

App Smashing

With App Smashing the possibilities are only limited by imagination! You are basically creating a work flow for yourself and your students. You start with one app, then use one or more apps to add more features. I call it “adding a layer of awesome”.

Here’s a video I created a while back that gives you a simple example.

Any learner can become an expert app smashers. Really, the goal is to be creative and innovative in both the process and product.

The iPad’s camera, and ability to take screen shots, in addition to file saving tools like Google Drive & Dropbox, make app smashing possible. Here are some of my favorite creation tools for my 1st grade classroom.

App Smashing and Creation Screen Shot

In addition, we also use both physical and virtual manipulatives to create app smashes for specific content areas like math, science or language arts. I love these iPad math manipulatives, and recommend this great magnetic letters app for literacy.

We also especially love publishing our writing through app smashing. Here’s one student’s amazing Bear Poem Book.

She used: Paper by 53, Pic Collage for Kids, Path On, ChatterPix Kids and iMovie

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