Doodle Reflections & Starting #The100DayProject

Doodle Reflections & Starting #The100DayProject

In March I participated in Royan Lee’s #doodleaday challenge. It was a really neat experience to doodle with a community, and take in everyone’s responses to prompts shared each day. I found myself using my ferry ride home to unwind with my doodle. I’m pretty sure the ferry people think I’m some kind of crazy nut – all tucked into my drivers seat using the wheel as kind of a stand. They’ve had to blow their whistle at me to get moving more than once.

I have done plenty of skechnoting and doodling before, but had never done so many in a row, or to someone else’s prompts. Following the prompts pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I learned quite a bit about myself and from the great community.  I loved the whole experience! I have to especially thank Royan & Carrie Baughcum for their daily compliments and encouragement. The other comments and conversations around everyone’s doodles were inspiring.

Along the way Carrie inspired me to start planning my #The100DayProject, and I couldn’t be more … excited, full of ideas, and slightly terrified with myself for making a commitment to 100 days! Last year I watched Instagram each day for Sharron Drummond’s German words, thinking it was amazing! I’m thrilled to be part of the community this year. I’m already inspired by everyone’s projects and creativity. They are all so different and personal.

I am promising myself I will use my growth mindset, enjoy the experience, and the community. I’m not planning to mess up (skip days) but I will be forgiving of myself if I do.

So, here’s to 100 Days of Critter Doodles! At the moment I think it’s my perfect project! If you want to follow along join me on Instagram or at the #100daysofmzcritters.

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