Celebrate Creativity & Growth: 100th Day Stop Motion

Celebrate Creativity & Growth: 100th Day Stop Motion

100 days … It’s a really big deal in Kindergarten and 1st grade. The concept of 100 is still not quite concrete. It seems like such a big accomplishment, 100 days, and it really is. It’s 100 days of growth, learning. creativity, bit and little accomplishments. So why not celebrate right?

This year we tried something new. 100th day stop motion was a huge success! This was so simple, and I even had the kids get the bags ready yesterday. They were begging to put more bags together, and it was excellent practice in counting, patience and persistence. Here’s a quick picture of what we did.

100th Day Stop MotionSet up

  • 10 bags of 100 objects like:
    • pattern blocks, linking cubes, dice, coins or dominoes
    • feathers, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, googly eyes
    • erasers, cereal, legos, beans
    • you could easily do more, or duplicate, bags depending on your class size
  • 1 iPad for each group
  • little stands (not 100% necessary, but really helpful)
  • Koma Koma or iMotion app

Here is a quick video that I made to share the project prep with families. I love using Adobe Spark or Google Photos to make videos like this one to share with families.

100th Day Stop Motion In Action

We spent about 3 minutes exploring the Koma Koma app together. I had them all get behind me and watch me touch the screen and move objects. Then, they got going! My only big rule was not to walk around with the iPad without it’s case (I take the gripcase off to set it in the stand). Each group of 2 or 3 picked one bag at a time and got to work. The were really just exploring today, but were already wanting to add sound and more. We’ll do that with iMovie later. They saved their movies and posted them to our SeeSaw journal.

You can see several more of these fun little videos on our SeeSaw blog if you want more examples.

I’d encourage you to play around with Koma Koma with your students! Here’s a resources page from Koma Koma if you want a sneak peek.

Happy 100th day, whenever yours is! I hope your students have a blast celebrating all their accomplishments!

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