Christmas Candy Stop Motion & Story Telling

Christmas Candy Stop Motion & Story Telling

What do you get when you combine a stop motion app and Christmas candy? Pure joy, with a side of story telling magic!

Yesterday afternoon my iExplorers (our campus student technology leaders) had a blast creating with a very simple set of tools. I just set out dollar store organizer trays with a few different types of candy and some graham crackers. I offered whatever color of construction paper they wanted to use for a background. Then they organized themselves into groups and got started with the Koma Koma app.

The only “real instructions” I gave them were to remember to use their tiny movements to make the action look smooth.

Stop Motion Stories In Action:

The Results:

My goals for this activity were nothing more than have fun and work together. However, we ended up with four fantastic little stories and some great learning experiences along the way!

These students …
– were so creative
– used teamwork
– planned out simple stories
– solved problems along the way to get their videos just right
– came up with catchy titles
– edited their videos in Koma Koma so they were just the right speed
and exported them, all in around 30 minutes!

I put together some titles in Pic Collage, and added everything to iMovie after we cleaned up our giant mess.

This experience would work in just about any setting – classroom, clubs, small groups.  One trip to the grocery store, and you’ll be ready to set this up for your students. If you haven’t played around with stop motion yet, you should! It is such a versatile and creative form of media! Make the most of those last few crazy days before the holidays by diving into stop motion!

Merry Christmas!


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