Pumpkins, Poetry & Publishing

Pumpkins, Poetry & Publishing

Pumpkin books, a pumpkin poem, pumpkin carving, seed counting, pumpkin patches and so much more. Oh the pumpkins, it’s pumpkin fever. Just in case you’re looking for just one more pumpkin thing … heres a pumpkin poem project that has such a simple “recipe” you could use it for any investigation or unit.

If you’ve been around my blog a while, you know how much I love projects that combine student art, writing and publishing a product we can share using our iPads. I know this isn’t really a “new” project but it was just to fun not to share. So, here’s just one more project example for you.

Publishing a Pumpkin Poem

The next logical step after an investigation is a collaborative poem, right? So that’s just what we did after lots of pumpkin stuff, including sharing our pumpkin seed data to the Pumpkin Project hosted by Jen Wagner (if you’ve never participated in her projects, please go here and check them out! They’re simple, fun and a GREAT way to connect to other classrooms! Highly recommended!)

Pumpkins, Poetry & Publishing

We wrote out our poem on chart paper together as a class. I wouldn’t ever trade this step. We work on so many literacy concepts when we write together this way and it builds a great sense of community. Each child also painted two large pieces of construction paper with a mix of colors. Then they drew pumpkins and leaves on the backs, cut them out and glued them down to make individual pumpkin patches.

Pumpkins, Poetry & Publishing

I use Doc Scan to quickly take, and crop, pictures of their art after it’s hung up on our bulletin board. Doc Scan also easily exports them all at once to my camera roll. It’s a must have.

Then for our favorite way to make a book, Book Creator! Have each student create a page and add their art work. Make the image large enough to fill the page. This can be a hard skill for them to practice. They’ll have to move the picture around and resize it. It’s a skill worth practicing for sure! Add your text, then add their voices.

organize pages in Book Creator


I usually want to publish the finished Book Creator Book in two ways – as a video, and as an ePub to post to the iBooks store.  Here’s an excellent tutorial from Book Creator Blog on how to upload to the iBooks store if you haven’t ever. It’s really pretty simple, and it’s a great way to share your book! Families LOVE being able to download our creations and read them on their own devices.  You can download our pumpkin poem book here if you want to check it out.

Saving as a video also lets us share our great pumpkin poem in so many other ways!

I love this “recipe”! So go write something amazing, create some art (on real paper, or on your iPads) and publish it up real nice with Book Creator!

Happy Halloween, happy pumpkin season and happy writing!

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