Seasons of Creativity: Joy

Seasons of Creativity: Joy

Right as school was starting this year I read Austin Kleon’s post “Seasons”, and it really resonated with me (I highly recommend you take 3 minutes to read it too). I’ve been quiet on my blog and on Twitter for a while. A break was necessary. Last year was hard for many reasons, and I felt like my creative brain was drained. Looking back, I know it was a season of growth, learning and reflection for me in many ways, but it was so frustrating. I wasn’t able to do what I really wanted to. Even in my classroom, where we still did some really great things (that I STILL need to write about), I felt a bit stuck. It was kind of like a dry summer or a really cold winter. Can frustrated be a season?

Celebrating Seasons of Creativity

At first I felt really bad about not sharing as much and taking some time for me, but as I’m able to look back I know that I was meant to be and what I needed. I share that because I rarely cut myself any slack, and I know many educators are the same. We’re humans, with changing seasons of life, and we need to be able to recognize it and accept it.

So what now?

It’s a new season of creativity! I’ve started the school year with a slightly different title. I’m still teaching First Grade, but there’s some time each day when I’m able to leave and be and ITS. I feel like my acronym should really be BOJ (Bringer of Joy). This opportunity has brought me new life and is spreading joy too. I’m planning projects with teachers, integrating technology in meaningful ways, and getting to teach teachers and students. I just love it! As I walk into classrooms on our small campus I’m greeted with very happy cries of “Mrs. Zig! What are we doing today?” My heart sings, and I know their little hearts are happy too.

As I settle into school and routine even more I’ll be finding time to share. I’m excited to post not only what’s going on in my classroom, but the things I’m privileged to share in other classrooms as well.

So, whatever season of creativity / life you’re in, I wish you the best and hope you’ll be blessed with wisdom on how to “act accordingly” as Austin says.

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