A Simple App Smash To Create Turkey Story Problems

A Simple App Smash To Create Turkey Story Problems

Last week in math we practiced writing our own story problems, then decided to get a bit creative with them. We ended up making a Book Creator book to combine all the turkey story problems we created.

Here’s the process to create Turkey Story Problems –

  1. Make a background with Make A Scene Farmyard. (We made a few as a class and saved them to our camera roll to save time)
  2. Open Pic Collage for Kids, and add your picture. Set it as the background.

Turkey Story Problems

3. Add your turkeys in groups. You can use the image search feature or save some from a
website like Pixabay to the camera roll to use.

Story Problems With Turkeys

4. Save your image from Pic Collage for Kids.

5. Add the image to Book Creator (make sure all books are created in the same format, we
chose “Portrait” for this book). Type in the number sentence, and record the story problem.


6. Put the student books together. Here’s a tutorial on combining books.

7. Export your book as a video and or an eBook. We like to do both, that way we can read it and
interact with the book on our iPads, and easily watch and share the book with others.

Each of my math classes created a turkey story problem before students partnered up to create one together. Here’s the fun finished product …

So besides having a little Thanksgiving fun, these steps can easily be used to create any type of story problem.

Later in the week we decided to animate a few story problems with Explain Everything as a class.

I hope you’ll enjoy using these simple app smashes to create in math!

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