Jump Class Jump: Measurement & Graphing

Jump Class Jump: Measurement & Graphing

Measurement is usually so much fun to teach and explore, but it makes for an even better lesson if you can go outside! Yesterday was such a beautiful day we just had to move math to our breezeway.

Jump Class Jump: Measurement & Graphing

We got into the frog jumping spirit by enjoying Robert Kalan’s Jump, Frog, Jump. This book will probably spark more conversation about the food chain than measurement, but it’s just a fun repetitive text and I value those side conversations in a lesson.

Then, we gathered up our sidewalk chalk, a ruler, and a couple of iPads. Before we went outside we decided how to record our data. Each class (I teach to sections of math – my teaching partner and I flexibly mix up our classes in the afternoon so we have the Frogs & Owls groups) decided on a different method of graphing each jump.

One decided on using Haiku Deck (read more about graphing with Haiku Deck here).

Jump Class Jump: Measurement & Graphing #iPadEd

In the other group, one student suggested using Number Frames, and a beautiful idea for a picture graph was born! I LOVE how creative this was!

Jump Class Jump: Measurement & Graphing  #creativity #mathchat

When we got outside we used the chalk and ruler to mark a starting line and feet markers along our jumping path. Basically making a giant ruler. Then, we started jumping. Students counted down the jumper, then marked the spot their toes landed with a line and their initials.

Jump Class Jump: Measurement & Graphing  - marking our jumps

Each student then had to look at their line and decide which measurement line it was closest to. Then they’d record their jump on our iPad graph. The other iPad was used by students to take pictures.

When everyone had jumped we were able to gather around and look at the data on our “measuring stick” and on our graph. We shared our thinking and I recorded it on a Pic Collage.

analyzing our data analyzing our data












Then today, each class was able to look at the data from both classes jumps. It was an opportunity for some great comparison statements, number sentences, and other inferences to be made! Such great math conversation was had because we documented our measurement fun!

Analyzing both class' data

I hope you’ll be able to get outside, learn and discover with your class in what’s left of your school year!

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