Character Traits: Sketchnotes & Word Clouds 

Character Traits: Sketchnotes & Word Clouds 

Since my last two posts have been Mo Willems themed, I thought I’d share this Elephant and Piggie project from earlier this spring.

In addition to loving The Pigeon, we also LOVE Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie books. So naturally, while working on inferring character traits, we used these two hilarious characters.

As we read multiple Elephant & Piggie books we recorded out inferences based on their actions in the book. Each student had a thinking map and were encouraged to use both pictures and words to record their thinking. We had great discussion, and ended up making a class word web for each character too.

Character Traits: Sketchnotes and Word Clouds

The way students can record their thinking never ceases to amaze me. Just look at these words and pictures. 1st grade sketchnotes are just incredible! 

Character Traits: Sketchnotes and Word Clouds  #literacy

Character Traits: Sketchnotes and Word Clouds #sketchnotes


Then after fisishing our book study, we worked in partners to create word clouds with   ABCya’s Word Cloud app. Students added words from each of their notes, and carefully selected colors and fonts to fit their character.

character trait fun with sketchnotes and word clouds

They really enjoyed repeating specific words to give them more “weight” in their word cloud.

character traits: sketchnotes and word clouds #ipaded

Then we put everyone’s work together in a Haiku Deck. I think they made the character traits really shine through!

Elephant & Piggie Character Traits – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

I hope our simple project will inspire something great in your classroom!

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