Inquiry, Creativity & ThingLink

Inquiry, Creativity & ThingLink

Since it’s almost spring … Here’s a hibernation inquiry project that I’ve been wanting to share for a while. Now seems like the perfect time (even though it’s almost Spring!) since ThingLink just came out with some great updates to both the app, and their educational accounts. Click here to read more details from Susan Oxnevad, a super ThingLink Expert Educator! You’ll be wanting a district or classroom account right away!

Our inquiry iOver and Under The Snow by Kate Messnernvestigation into hibernation began with the incredible book Over and Under The Snow by Kate Messner. We started wondering how animals could sleep for so long, and asking other questions.

I wanted my 1st graders to be more indepedent in collecting information during this project, so I set up this ThingLink with videos, recorded books, links, and book images to get them started. The books are ones we have in our classroom and were set up as part of our science station. I provided a QR code to access the ThingLink, and students took it from there. They wrote and drew to record their information.


We were inspired to create in multiple ways from our research. First we drew bears, then painted caves for them. Then we used MoMA Art Lab to create another hibernating animal. Next students used a variety of apps to tell about their learning. The most used were Pic Collage, Book Creator, and ChatterPix.

I LOVED the result and so did they! We used our art, with QR codes on sticky labels that linked to their published projects, to share our learning.

Investigating with ThingLink & Sharing our learning through creativity. #edtech

Hover over the Hibernation ThingLink above to see a video of our all our hibernating bear art. You can also watch our published videos there, or below.

I hope you’ll enjoy creating a ThingLink resource with or for your students very soon! The app has been newly rated 9+, it was previously rated 12+, however we use it quite often in 1st grade. It’s such an excellent and versatile tool! The new verified District Accounts will also give you a dashboard that allow users to be easily managed. Please do visit Susan’s post for all the details!

  Let those creative juices flow!

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  1. Wow! Super impressive. I just stumbled upon app smashing and we just completed our first projects in my 4th grade classroom using Tellagami, YakIT and iMovie. I need to check out ThingLink–wow! I am looking for more project ideas. Your blog and your ideas are amazing.