Create with 2D Shapes & Task Cards

Create with 2D Shapes & Task Cards

2D shapes are such a simple math concept, but the mathematical vocabulary that goes along with them can be somewhat hard for students to grasp. I wanted to give my young learners an opportunity to practice using this language in an authentic and engaging way. So, a few task cards were born!

In the midst of lots of hands on stations to explore 2D shapes, I aslo gave them the choice of several iPad task cards. It always amazes me what a simple set of relatively open ended instructions can lead them to create. Below are 3 task cards that have been very popular in my math classes the past few weeks. Please click on any of the task card images, or here, to download all three.

create with 2d shapes and iPad task cards

Here’s an example of our work from this task card on naming attributes of 2D shapes.  create with 2d shapes!

The creations from this next task card are endless, and just so much fun! If you don’t have MoMa Art Lab (download it! It’s still free!), you could easily use Pattern Shapes instead. All sorts of amazing creations were made, and shared either on their Kidblogs or to the Padlet for the next task card. Next time I do this activity, I’ll definitely add a sticky note QR code, so they can add images to Padlet.

create with 2d shapes & iPad task cards

 Aren’t these products just really great? An excavator! Amazing!

create with 2d shapes & iPad task cardsCreate with 2D shapes and iPad task cards







By far, our favorite task card was this next one. Students created an object with the 2D shapes using the Pattern Shapes app, then made it talk with ChatterPix. Students told the process they used to create their picture. After a bit, my students were also choosing to use Geoboard, or make pictures with real pattern shapes, then follow the same steps to share their process. I love when they take a project and run with it, or make it more their own!

create with 2d shapes and iPad task cards

Kristen Wideen’s post about using Padlet to collect student work is genius, and inspired the back side of this task card, which you can download. I added a QR code, so that students could easily acces a Padlet wall created just to collect these projects. It’s so simple for students to upload their video from the camera roll, and all their work is curated into one, easy to share, place!

If you want to use this task card, you’ll need to create  a Padlet wall (directions here), then just print a QR code for your specific wall.

Here’s our 2D shapes Padlet wall.

This video we created together as a class example and tweeted to my dog Corky for pure fun.

I truly hope these task cards can be useful in your classroom, and help engage your studnets in creative activities!

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  1. I did the Pic Collage activity with a class of K/1 students. We had a short time and I had to teach them how to use the app, so we didn’t add information about our shapes to the collages, but we did the rest and they LOVED it. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I look forward to teaching the children some of the other apps so we can give them more ways to express their learning in the future.