Inquiry Projects with ThingLink

Inquiry Projects with ThingLink

Have you experienced one of those incredible moments where an inquiry project is born? They’re amazing!

We were just reading our morning poem, and I asked a question about the picture that sparked about 15 minutes worth of conversation. It took about that long before I actually read the poem. Our Christmas Tree, a poem in the book It’s Christmas by Jack Prelutsky, got us thinking about all sorts of things related to Christmas Trees.

Holiday Inquiry  with ThingLink


After we read the poem, we recorded some of out thinking, then took a picture of it. The plan was to come back to this topic the next day, and start a ThingLink for the project. I used to make the background image.

Our excitement and interest just mushroomed from there. We recorded information in our journals, discussed what / how ask Google, found videos, recorded our thinking with audioBoom, drew pictures, wrote poems, and so much more. We even created a survey and a thank you for those that took it. We analyzed the data and made a Haiku Deck about it.

Each step of the way we were adding to our ThingLink. It was the perfect tool to compile all our work and create a project portfolio. We are so excited to share our learning about Christmas trees using the ThingLink we created with families and first grade friends.

We highly recommend this process!

The other class of first graders at our school is working on a similar project. They’re using Pic Collage and Book Creator to share information, then adding all of their finished products to a ThingLink! The app smash possibilities for this type of inquiry project are huge!

I can’t say enough good things about audioBoom and ThingLink together in our first grade classroom!

Wishing you a holiday season full of authentic learning and inquiryMZ Sig!



2 Responses to Inquiry Projects with ThingLink

  1. Hi,
    I’ve a question about how you collaborated with Thinglink. Did you just have one class acct and let all children use that shared account or did you as the teacher have to upload everything to thinklink or was there another method?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Adrienne,
      For this particular ThingLink I used my account and added our resources. I have a shared album with my students iPads, so I can add any phtos they take using the ThingLink app on my iPad. This ThingLink was intended to be a compilation of all our resources, so instead of having the kids use student accounts it was easier to do it this way.
      ThinkLink does allow you to create student accounts, and I have made them for my students, but since we aren’t 1:1, we share iPads and are basically 2:1, it’s simpler to use my account for the moment. With older kiddos I’d have already had the kiddos logged in, and really do need to get my kids signed in!
      Susan Oxnevad just did a great post about how to collaborate with ThingLink and student accounts – here’s the link.
      Hope that helps! Let me know if you need more!