Social Stories with Book Creator

Social Stories with Book Creator

As teachers we know that there are many social conventions that need to be followed in a classroom. This way everyone feels respected, and safe. Sometimes students come to use innately knowing those conventions, but many times we need to teach them. Social stories can be especially useful when working on these conventions with particular students, or the entire class.

Create social stories collaboratively with Book Creator for iPad

Recently my class has made a couple of social stories. It’s awesome to be able to pause lessons, and create our own meaningful book that helps us solve problems and feel more comfortable.We worked collaboratively to write the books on one iPad, displayed on our screen, using the Book Creator app. For the sake of time I held the iPad during these projects – usually the students take over and I just help as needed when we do iPad projects.

After we finished writing our books, students came over one at a time to record parts of the book. Then we exported to video and uploaded the video to our YouTube channel. We watch them together periodically as needed, but students can view them any time by scanning a QR code in our room.

Our Social Stories

Feel free to share these videos with your class. We hope they inspire you to create your own!

I’m excited to create more social stories for our class and individuals the need arises.

Bonus Book Creator Fun –

On Monday I hosted a session for our teachers about using Book Creator. Here’s the ThingLink of ideas and resources I shared with them afterwards.

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Update 8/2015 – Watch or download any of our iBooks by exploring this ThingLink, which includes slides from my iPadPalooza session on Social Stories.


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