Collaborating With Book Creator: Combine Books

Collaborating With Book Creator: Combine Books

Collaborative Books: Combine Books in Book Creator

Did you know that you can combine books in the Book Creator app to make a collaborative book? You can, and it’s really simple! What a great way to combine student books, or pages, into a collaborative work.

Books need to be combined from one iPad. So, if your students are creating books on different iPads, they’ll need to follow the first two steps before combining books.

Students Create Books & Share

Export an iBook - Sharing books to collaborate

After students create their book or page they need to “Export as ePub”, choose the “Open in” option. After the book exports choose Dropbox or Google Drive.

Save in Dropbox or Google Drive

Add ePub to Google Drive & Open in Book Creator

I chose Google Drive.

Tap “Upload” to add the file to Drive. Make sure the file is moved to a shared folder that can be accessed by you or your students if you’re not using a shared Drive or Dropbox account.

To add the ePub to Book Creator on another device … Open Drive or Dropbox, tap on the file, choose “Open in” and tap Book Creator. Your book will be added to the “My Books” page of your Book Creator app on the iPad you want to use to combine books.

Combine Books & Arrange Pages

Combine Books in Book Creator

Once all the books you want to combine are in the Book Creator app, select the book you want to add all the others too. Tap +, then combine books. Select the books you want to add, only books of the SAME LAYOUT can be added, and a tap “Copy”.

Rearrange Pages in Book Creator

The book you added will have it’s pages put at the back. Tap “Pages” while editing the book, then tap Edit to rearrange the pages to the order you want them. The cover can’t be moved.

What an awesome tool for collaboration! You could make:

– a class poetry book
– a book of things your class learned on a topic
– collaborate to make an anthology of stories on the same topic
– grade level stories / book
– school wide project
– collaborative research projects
– a global project with pages from different classes from all over

… and so much more! What kind of collaborative book will you and your students make?

You can also read more about collaborative projects from the amazing Karen Lirenman. Read her post *Collaborative Projects – A Perfect Way to Build Student Learning Communities.

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6 Responses to Collaborating With Book Creator: Combine Books

  1. I’m trying to produce a large collaborative piece with 5th graders. I did this last year and it worked just like you are saying in the steps listed here however now when I’m trying to open the file from our shared folder in google classroom, the book creator app is not showing as an option. Any thoughts? Could it be due to using google classroom as our shared folder? Thank you!

    • Lesa, Have you tried using the open in icon? It’s in the second row of options. If you have and it’s still not loading there, then I would say to try and move or copy the folder to another location.
      If you need more help use the contact tab above & I can email you pictures to help.
      Good luck!

      • Wow! Thanks for such a QUICK reply! Yes, I’ve tried “open in” in several different spots. I will try to move the folder and let you know! 🙂

  2. ugh. So weird. If I look at the details of the files shared from students it does say that I’m the owner after they turn it into our classroom shared folder. So it doesn’t seem like moving it would do any good. Then I thought to try the files from last year that I know had worked and now THEY don’t show book creator as an option when I tap “open in” either. 🙁

  3. hmmmmm it sEEms to be working now if I wait a really long time after tapping “open in” the choices finally come up with book creator. I hope it gets faster when I try later b/c I have about 75 pages to combine! yikes! 🙂

    • Oh goodness! I hope it’s gone smoother & faster for you! Are you using the Classroom app or the Drive app? I wonder if it might be smoother from the Classroom folder in your Drive?