Welcome to the “Book Creator is Awesome” Club

Welcome to the “Book Creator is Awesome” Club

Yesterday was a Flex Day in our district, so my teaching partner and I had a very small group of first grade students to do some very focused instruction. It was a great day, but was made even better through a mid-morning surprise! Our kiddos discovered that both classroom’s praying mantis egg sacs had hatched new baby praying mantises!

We were so excited, and disappointed at the same time, because not everyone was there to see it! We needed to set them free quickly because they can actually eat each other if you don’t get them a food source quickly enough. I suggested that we try out the Book Creator app, since it’s on my “To Purchase” list for school iPads, to document our investigation and release.

Book Creator allowed the small group to very easily figure out how to …
  – add text, then change the size and color
  – add pictures, videos and links to videos
  – draw, and reposition drawings
  – record thoughts
and so much more.

We snapped pictures, added information, worked on phonics skills, main ideas, retelling information in your own words, and more. It ended up as a great collaborative project that touched on so many things they needed to practice! I love that they were able to practice skills, investigate and learn a new tool at the same time. Book Creator really is that simple!

Here are a few screen shots of the pages we created …

Click here if you’d like to download & read our book! You’ll need iBooks or the Readium App on the Chrome browser to read the ePub file.

Book Creator has a free version that you can try out, and make just one book before you spend $4.99 to purchase the full version, however, I really think it’s worth the purchase! Book Creator has great app smash potentials too – starting something in Book Creator, then adding more in another app, or creating, the adding it to the pages of your book.

I know I’m a little late to the “Book Creator is Awesome Club”, but I’d just been holding out on the purchase for our school, as I wanted to make sure I was being a good steward of the funds we have. I’ve tried out several other book creation apps, but think the simple & professional user interface, as well as versatility of this app make it worth it. I really think this creation tool will enhance our learning environment, so it’s getting purchased for all iPads ASAP!

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