Love ThingLink on an iPad or in a Browser

Love ThingLink on an iPad or in a Browser

Earlier today I was asked about how we added the cool star nubbins in our Earth Day ThingLink, so I wanted to share some tips. ThingLink can be an awesome classroom creation resource. It’s iPad app and web browser version are both awesome! They do have some differences though, so let me share a few tips for creating & curating with ThingLink. 
1 –  You need an account and can assign students.
Susan Oxnevad is a ThingLink guru and has an excellent ThingLink about creating student accounts. You can create an account from the iPad app, but especially if you are going to upgrade to a teacher account you’ll want to do that from the website. To sign up / register as a teacher click here.

2 – The iPad app is awesome!
You’ll be able to sign in and start adding nubbins right away. Choose an image from your library or take one to add nubbins to.
When adding text and resources from the iPad app, you’ll have to use the nubbin that looks like a target. If you add a video or image, using the “Add Media” choice, it will change to a play or image nubbin.

When you publish your ThingLink it will be added to your stream on the website. After that you’ll be able to edit your resources from the iPad app or the web version. Just don’t touch the < Images button at the top left as you are adding your nubbins! I made that mistake recently and had to start all over!
3. Edit, Create & Enhance from the web version

The web version really does offer more features, as well as browsing through other users ThingLink resources.

If you or your students have made a ThingLink image on an iPad, you can edit it on the web version by signing in and clicking the “Me” tab at the top. You’ll see all your images, and can interact with one by clicking on it. After you select an image you can share, edit and more using the menu on the right.

When you click edit, you’ll be able to change from the “target” nubbin to any of the other cool nubbins offered, or if you have a premium account, one that you have created. 

Clicking to edit the icon will let you choose your color scheme, and choose a nubbin that fits your link or media type.
Just like in writing, you’ll probably want to edit / revise your ThingLink before you publish and share it. The web version of ThingLink really lets you put the finishing touches on an interactive image you created using the iPad app. 
The possibilities for creating and curating using ThingLink are awesome! Next week I’m using it for a professional development session I’m doing, and in class we want to add our recently published videos to share. 
Happy app smashing with this awesome tool! Be sure to follow them on Twitter for cool ideas – @ThingLink & @ThingLink_EDU 

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